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Melyn Media

What's in a name?

Why are we called 'Melyn Media'? 
I should start off by telling you that melyn is Welsh for yellow.
We are not a Welsh speaking family but for some reason for as long as I can remember my son has called Yellow; Melyn, somewhere along the line he has picked that up and it's stuck!  Because of this Melyn Media was on the list of possible company names.
The same day I put the deadline in place to decide on a name I was due to go to my sons school for a numbers and play session. In this particular 'NAP' session the children were making patterns with coloured blocks along with their teacher; red, yellow, blue, green, red, yellow, blue, green, red,...His teacher asked the class what colour should be next in the pattern, My son raised his hand and called out "Melyn".....and that was it, fate/chance/coincidence; whatever you want to call it. The decision was made
Melyn Media was born.